Tuesday, September 21, 2010

San Diego here we come again

Since I haven't written anything since last October, I thought I would review a recent trip to San Diego, many thanks to my Brother Dave and Sister in law Dominique for rescuing me in many ways, thanks again.

I had worked in upper Washington State for a project which closed on a Tuesday. I flew to Long Beach Airport near LA for a new job, and found that I couldn't rent a car due to my credit situation. Dominique picked me up and lent me her car. I used it for a job in LA on Wed and Thursday. I made it back to SD around 2pm Thursday and spend some time with the parents before heading out for a few beers with Dave.

We started at Toronado but this may now be my least favorite location in San Diego. Overly crowded, full of beer snobs, and not as great a selection as I recall. We left after one brew and headed for a newer site called Small Bar (same name as a good bar in Chicago). Great selection, great vibe, and killer jukebox music. A place to settle in, we did for a few, then finished at the Blind Lady, which is a very nice place run by very nice folks. We missed the kitchen there which was sorely needed, but they had a good list. All three places showed more than 20 handpicked, mostly local taps that ranged from Stone, Russian River, Pizza Port, and many more. Thanks again to my hosts, I managed to fly out Friday am none the worse for wear.